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During COVID restrictions our Financial Aid Offices are closed for in-person appointments. Students should not be going to the office to submit documents. Please use one of the other methods to submit documents or request a virtual appointment for assistance.

Most documents can be submitted in a number of ways. Items can be:

  • delivered to the financial aid office on campus in the Houff Student Center
  • submitted securely as a case at
    • Once you have signed in, click "Create Case"
    • Add necessary documents (Maximum of 5 per ticket) and submit for processing
  • submitted securely via the To Do list on the Student Information System
  • emailed to *
  • faxed to 540-234-8189 *
  • mailed to BRCC Financial Aid, 1 College Lane, Box 80, Weyers Cave, VA 24486.

* Please note that you should NEVER e-mail or fax PII (personally identifying information), particularly your social security number. Tax documents may have the SSN redacted before submission as long as student ID is visible in the document.

For instructions on how to submit documents that can be uploaded through your SIS, go here

The following documents may ONLY be submitted in person or by mail:

  • FAFSA Signature pages
  • Corrected Student Aid Reports (SARs)  

Additionally, the following documents may be submitted in-person only:

  • Statement of Identity and Educational Purpose (can alternately be completed with a notary and submitted by mail)
  • Photo ID for identity verification
  • Documentation of citizenship

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